PS3 PKG Downloader is a Java Applet so please ACCEPT the security certificate when it pops up
*No personal information is stored by us or sent to anyone else*
PS3 PKG / PSN Downloader BETA
The Brewology PKG / PSN Downloader is a web application that will take whatever PSN files you want and put them directly on your PS3 via FTP.

I don't have a hacked PS3 so please give me feedback on the forums so I can make this better!

Why use this over other methods?

10/12/10 @ 22:12 - p3t extension support added
10/12/10 @ 21:03PST - Another update. Also to clarify some PSN links DO require PSN authentication. Please use google to check if you are not sure. The Free stuff will work. The rest well... google.

If your Name and PSN File Link are not auto filled please press this

By using this application you are stating that you have proper rights to the content that you are downloading.
How to
  (1) Start up PS3 in Jailbreak mode and start thes PS3 FTP Server.
  (2) Fill out the fields above and press download
  (3) Restart your console (WITHOUT jailbreak) and it should be on XMB.

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